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Since 2005, Montreal’s computer store for a custom Gaming PC build. Looking for a cheap PC Gamer? Buy a new Gaming PC from 899$. Searching for a high performance gaming desktop? We got it. We have a wide variety of gaming computers for all your needs and budget.

Choose your Gaming PC and customize it. You want a different case? Sure, we’ll do it your way! Our best Gaming PCs typically use high performance hardware including Core i7 / Core i9, RTX 4070 / RTX 4080, SSD M.2 PCIe Gen4 (which is 40x faster than hard disk), powerful power supply 80+ Gold certified and a silent efficient CPU cooling system.

Our gaming computers are hand assembled and bench tested for stability to ensure the highest reliability.

Buy your custom gaming desktop through our online shop.

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Office desktop

Work from home in your comfort. Fast response computer for any office tasks

Gaming PC computer

Buy a PC Gamer computer tailored to your needs, which can run Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

Gaming Laptop MSI

Work, study and play with a high-performance Laptop MSI gaming notebook

AI Deep Learning PC

Computing at its finest. Generate fast workloads with artificial intelligence

Day Trading PC

Invest in the stock market with a multi-screen Trader PC (Day Trading PC)

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Gaming Desktops Built With Quality Parts

At SGXTECH, your gaming computer store, we strive to deliver the best personalized Gaming PC experience with our custom-built, handcrafted computers equipped with the latest technology and built with reliable components from leading PC hardware manufacturers such as MSI, Asus, Intel, AMD, Corsair, Kingston, Samsung, Western Digital, eVGA, Thermaltake, CoolerMaster and Seasonic.

All our gaming computers are covered with 1 year warranty on parts with us in store. You also have FREE WARRANTY with the manufacturer on most computer parts : motherboard (3 year warranty), processor (3 year warranty), SSD disk (3 year warranty), memory (LIFETIME warranty), graphics card (3 year warranty). You would NEVER get those warranties with prebuilt computers from Best Buy, Staples, etc. Instead, they will try to sell you extended warranty plans… we don’t.

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Keep Your Gaming PC performance with Liquid Cooling

System cooling is a major factor to consider when building a gaming PC. Demanding workloads (such as gaming) cause hardware to generate a lot of heat. Overheating of components can cause performance issues.

We recommend a Mega CPU Cooler, the radiator is 4x bigger and allows the heat to be evacuated efficiently. It’s a quiet and affordable cooling solution. For high performance Gaming PCs, water liquid cooling is also quite effective.

Carefully planning the cooling of your gaming computer is not only a good practice, it is also important in order to maintain good performance of your system and increase the life of computer components.

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Custom Gaming PC Built For Your Needs

Our selection of gaming desktops offers a variety of options with fast performance, stunning graphics for a smooth gaming experience. Buying a computer involves several factors to consider. Often, when there is a financial budget to respect, it is difficult to put the priorities in the right places and to decide what matters the most. Take advantage of our expertise, let us know your needs, we’ll help you make the right choice so you can fully enjoy your new Gaming PC.

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Buy A New Gaming PC For More Power

A gaming PC is a high performance computer that can handle any task you throw at it, with ease. Video games (of course), but these powerful computers also make a good choice for intensive applications such as rendering, video editing, virtual reality and 3D modeling.

If you are a PC gamer, upgrading your system to make it faster and more responsive is paramount to boost your edge in the gaming arena. We currently have promotions on Gaming PCs, the perfect time to find a new, more powerful gaming computer.

More than other PC gamers, eSports players compete in an unending war of faster processors, better graphics, etc. Competitive video gaming isn’t easy. But shopping for a reliable gaming PC can be. You can expect quality from our gaming computers. Our high-end desktops series deliver responsiveness and speed that brings your game to a whole new level.

At SGXTECH, you’ll find a broad selection of gaming desktops for all kinds of budget and we customize them as you wish. We can help you find the right system for your needs, give you advices and answer all your questions. Get in touch with us today and buy your new Gaming PC for a whole new experience in all your latest games.

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SGXTECH : Computer Store That Suits You

We equip businesses, gamers and individuals with reliable computers for maximum productivity. Our systems are custom built to meet all your requirements.

Established in Montreal since 2005, we have been able to help many individuals and businesses with our wide range of computer services. Over the years, our clientele has grown and we have built a solid reputation. Whether you need computer or laptop repairs, upgrades, virus removal, data backup, PC setup services or a brand new custom PC gaming computer tailored to your demands , you need look no further. Our dedicated and experienced IT team is here to help. We repair computers on site at your place (residential or commercial) at the best rate : 79$ / hour

VR virtual reality

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Oculus Quest 2, HTC Vive Cosmos, Valve Index, HP Reverb G2, Oculus Rift S, Microsoft HoloLens 2

Day Trading - Stock market

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Ninja Trader, Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, Disnat, eTrade, TradeStation, Fidelity, eOption

AI Deep Learning

high performance computer for artificial intelligence

Neural designer,, DeepLearningKit, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, Keras, Torch, Apache SINGA

3D modeling, CAD design

gamer pc ideal for AutoCAD

Maya, 3DS Max, Houdini, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, SketchUp, AutoCAD, CATIA, Autodesk Revit

Video / Music Editing

fast gamer computer can run ProTools

Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, Sony Vegas, Avid, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Adobe Audition

Flight simulator, racing simulator

PC Gamer suitable for FSX 2022
Flight simulator FSX, X-Plane, Prepar3D, iRacing, Assetto Corsa, rFactor, Project CARS, Truck simulator

Live the ultimate Gaming PC experience

Get premium quality. Unleash the power of your Gaming PC for an extraordinary experience. Beyond fast gaming desktop.

Buy a gaming desktop equipped with a video card MSI GeForce RTX 4080 for best 4K gaming computer experience. VR Ready!

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 delivers the ultra performance and features that enthusiast gamers and creators demand. Bring your games and creative projects to life with ray tracing and AI-powered graphics. It’s powered by the ultra-efficient NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture and 16GB of superfast G6X memory.

Take fast control of the unforgiving gaming arena with our performance oriented Gaming PC builds. Get seduced by the raw power of WARLORD, DOMINATOR, TITAN, SUPERNOVA and unleash chaos on the battlefield.

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Gaming pc builder Asus ROG

Asus premier partner - sgxtech

ASUS delivers cutting-edge performance for enthusiastic gamers. We can build your gamer PC with ASUS parts. (Motherboards of various Maximus, Prime and TUF series, video cards of the STRIX, TUF, DUAL series). Build the ultimate high-performance PC gamer gaming computer